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    God told me when he created monkeys they were all suppose to learn the below

    Basic Monkey Manners

    • be able to wear a diaper/(clothes etc. if you wish)
    • be able to wear a neck tether or belly band with a lead
    • be able to sit with me in my arms
    • be able to be carried around in my arms
    • be able to go in and out of a cage easily
    • be able to meet and greet people without the need to attack them (from a distance)
    • be able to be a good listener
    • be able to come to me or remain still when I wish to find them if they are out of their enclosure running free
    • be able to switch things out with them easily
    • be able to teach them not to put their mouth on anyone’s hands and other body parts
    • be able to be carried around in a sling in the front of my body
    • be able to have their nails cared for and to get a bath
    WARNING: Please, never leave a neck tether or body band with a long lead on your monkey while they are running free in your home or in their enclosure. Put a sign on their enclosure for other people that might remove your monkey from their enclosure so that they do not ignore this important “Safety-First” rule. Many monkeys have lost their life from this type of accident happening. Wrap your monkey in love and good “Safety-First” rules instead of fear and worry.
    The above list is the first things that I start working on with my monkeys when they first come to us. I do this because I know these manners will benefit them as they are living their lives in captivity. It can take many hours of (one-on-one) time to teach the things on this above list.
    After spending this precious, important time, with your monkey as you are teaching them these types of mannerly things, you will see that the rewards will be well worth doing it. The time you spend working with a monkey on manners will also bring you to a place of peace. When you establish these manners with your monkey, and always require them to use them (at all times), then you can begin teaching them other things as they grow and change through life.
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