First Albo now it's McGowan making a blunder

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    Albo comes out and makes accusations against Setka.

    Turns out Albo overstepped the mark as his claims may or may not be quite correct. He didn't bother to speak to Setka before running to the media.


    Now McGowan has stepped on a land mine accusing Christie Cain of being a 'coward' because he hadn't attended a meeting of the state executive of the WA Labor party on Monday night. He didn't bother to speak to Cain before running to the media.

    Turns out Cain was at A FUNERAL!! His mother in law's funeral!

    So what the heck is McGowan going to do now? Did he really expect that Cain should have missed his wife's mother's funeral to attend a meeting of the ALP? Is that reasonable? Is that fair?

    Both Albo and McGowan should be thrown to the dogs they are showing appalling judgement and this is going to blow up in their faces big time.
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