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firsova ground hog day !!

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    Hi Firsova

    What happened over the last 12 months is disapointing , imo was a lot of Over promises , a Geelong plant that is still not fully operational , ponds that sat idle for unreal periods, landfill tests with SSC that did not achieve the result anticiapted because ... of the contamination etc etc

    For the life of me and most of us here, what are you still doing here ??? if you think that the directors are not worthy enough to run this company, then why are YOU STILL HERE ?????????????? TELL US ALL WHY ?????

    I know why you are here its because you know of where MHM is heading to, you know of the technology that we have also that no one else has any think like it, now or for the next 5 years, you also know that one day MHM will be a company, that you wish that you had keep all your shares in.

    If as you say you do not hold but you are waiting for MHM to go to 50 cents, you had your chance when we where around 54 cents, if you do hold as I think you do or that what you are trying to do to drive the SP down.

    Have you ever had to ring or email any company, or read any
    announcement from any company ??? do you not think of the times that we all live in now ??? or do you just live in the land of DOWNRAMPING ????

    I have not ever bad mouth someone on HC, but you make me want to get piss and then smash up my pc, as I have also agreed with you at times, but lately you have hi-jack this forum for your own benefit, most of us here know you only to well, I'm sure that you are a nice person and you do at time post some very good things, its good to have people that see things another way, if we where all the same the world will be a very sad place to live in.

    I have been in some companies that I have not agreed with, with what the directors have done or where about to do, email them still not happy Rodney what to do ???

    I sold the shares for a lose and MOVE ON, maybe you should
    try THAT TO MOVE ON, as its not to good for your health or your mind.

    There are a lot of people here on HC that do not post as much anymore, which is sad because we all had some fantastic people here, that put in so much time to post some very good things about MHM, then there are the ones that can not help themselves they downramp the company.

    Why do such people downramp a company ??? is it to short it to get in at a lower price ?? and then sell it at a higher price so they can make 20-30 or 40 %

    That's good if you ( Firsova ) like to short companies, if you do like to short companies, then why done you go on the

    So I do hope that you ( Firsova ) have some time to think things over, sometimes a walk is good for the body try it.

    Any way I think I need some more wine after this, so to all lets keep it about MHM no downramping PLEASE !!!

    Good luck to all that hold MHM.
    The technology we have is out of this world and soon to be around this world
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