AZZ 0.00% $7.50 antares energy limited

fire up i grabbed another 40000 today, page-2

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    New Taiton - no guarantees
    The company announcements are slow and uniformative - too right

    Oyster creek producing soon - been 'producing soon' for a long time

    Garcitas ranch producing and results slowly appearing - really? This is half the problem - a supposedly b#all-tearer of a result yet we know nothing 'tight hole'

    A couple of wells to spud soon - can be said of most oil and gas companies

    'Kennedy Ranch sliding into the radar'
    'The Rowena prospect to spud later this year'. - yeah ok

    'Production And Prospects,get your chins off the floor I cant carry you all' - holders are just tired of lack of information.

    Like a typical AZZ holder, I still hold. They need to give us something though...
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