Fire cause, Fire bomber view

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    Report of the C130 that crashed fighting our fires
    Good detail of why and how this came about

    The thing that he does not dwell on is the fact that the slower you fly the less ability you have to keep the plane in the sky, as anyone who owns a boat will tell you the rudder is of little use when you are trying to dock in a cross current, there is simply not enough water flowing across the rudder for it to have any effect

    Same with a plane, and put that plane at low level, fierce fire conditions with swirling high winds,  and  in the mountains and you are in an extremely dangerous situation even if you do everything 100% perfect as you have very little control, and the thought that it should not have been there in the first place in the conditions on that day

    Finally I trust that our government is also attending to the welfare of the families from overseas who have lost the people who died in the crash ---- and I don't mean in the future but now when they need it

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