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+ financing and death +

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    Now that headline should grab you.

    However, a lot of time has been spent on these 2 items so it may be wise to summarize the position:

    1. Financing.
    The PR is excellent and has been a major factor driving the price forward. As the share price rises, the anxiety disapears.

    Currently VCR has 162 mill. shares. Price say $ 2.70?

    At this stage one shouldn't worry too much about financing. If most likely will take place by a placement at 10%.
    When? I have taken the attitude that it will occur at a solid price level but before CHmas. About $35 mill. are needed for the European trials, I believe. No doubt they want another $15 as a buffer.

    However, the price increase has speeded up and it is possible that the cash could be raised after the price has reached say $3.30, leaving $3 as the placement price and requiring some 17 mill shares.

    That is quite a hefty placement, perhaps they may just raise $35 mill for the time being and they may wait. Or they may wait till the price moves higher still.
    Whatever, I am not too concerned about it.
    Death. This has been brought up on a few occasions.
    What matters is if it is caused by ill-health or the Ventrassist device.
    From what I know and read, the length of a patient's life is not decided by the device. It is superb:

    "In the Alfred trial, patients over 65 and on maximum drug therapy, and who would otherwise die from terminal heart disease, will receive the artificial device.

    Professor Esmore implanted the first artificial heart in Australia at the hospital in 1990. He said existing designs, mostly from the US, have suffered from unexpected mechanical failures, recurrent infections, blood clot formation and damage to the blood cells.

    None of these problems has occurred with the new device".

    Comment: So if a patient dies, it is safe to say IMHO that it will be due to ill-health; this is because the selected patients are half dead anyway.

    So, if a person dies after say 100 days, then that is a fact of life. I believe that the market is so well educated by now to recognize the distinction.

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