VUL 3.27% $7.70 vulcan energy resources limited

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    That’s a solid post La Tache ....
    But you deflect from the immediate questions of ;
    -are current prices sustainable ?
    - how long is it likely to be before news comes that will will lift them again?
    - what might this news be?

    You might not care about these matters as you sound like a long term ‘long view’ holder
    ...but what about the folk who bought back on January 19 ?

    The retail mums and dads? The ones Joe Lowry described as potentially hooked because they had small knowledge?
    ... “An upward trajectory like that should either have a lot of facts and details justifying the investor confidence OR maybe the rise is a product of FOMO and Group Think.
    People with little lithium knowledge falling in love with a wonderfully crafted story line.?.”...

    He also referred to the “...the irrational exuberance of many investors that want nicely packaged stories that don’t require delving into the details...”

    You think none of those kinds of people bought in in the recent pump?
    Or that none of them matter ?
    -Just your home team who did do their research and helped naive new buyers feel confident via HC megathread repartee as the price started to fall?

    Instead of elitist sneers at ‘s0re losers’ and talking about where the general European market will be at some (unstated) time in the future, and how great the management team is , why not pull up your sleeves , step away from the ‘mutton dressed as lamb talk “ (whatever that is about?) , and get in there to answer the points Joe Lowry’s said he had issues with.

    Here they are again:
    [Joe Lowry clarifies his points]
    Because -when I read what he says, it some of those ‘lambs’ you are counting on haven’t even been born yet?

    Saying this, I believe @float^ that - technically - the price may be looking towards a reversal as I have figured out over time he knows his TA and uses it to good effect.
    But that has nothing to do with my questions or request re updating the forum on why Joe’s issues are irrelevant or what your feelings are towards the naive investors who bought at much higher prices.

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