ACE 0.00% 1.9¢ acusensus limited - withdrawn

finance possibilities and how much ?

Currently unlisted. Proposed listing date: WITHDRAWN
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    i believe
    1) a capital raising ( into's approx 200m shares
    at approx 1.5 cents for approx $3 mill , with maybe spp
    for us others ( amount ? )), hopefully it will not be too
    much dilution
    2) joint ventures as well as cap raising to raise perhaps another $2-3 mill
    3) maybe convertable notes - amount ?
    4) sell the whole comp for what they can get
    ( least likely in my view)

    overall i think it will be an amount to obviously give
    them $2-3 mill cash for working capital and perhaps a
    similar amount to reduce debt

    -this is obviosly my speculation , would be interested in others thougts as this week we are supposed to be getting some sort of update

    as always dyor
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Currently unlisted public company.

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