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    DATED 15/10/08
    "Octaviar bounced out of the RED in 2006"

    ??? Look at the chart???

    Does any-one understand what this announcer is saying because I thought MFS was making large profits for the years shown.
    The mention of the Queensland Supreme Court injunction being lifted to prevent the appointment of administrators ..which taken in this context makes the situation/circumstances appear somehow different to me anyway.

    The old numbers of MFS, as a whole, seem to be disappearing in favour of new sections/subsiduary or parts of the MFS companies numbers.ie Octaviar LTD.?
    Would that be what this announcement is about?

    It also appears to reinforce the Supreme Court inference that OCV/MFS may have been insolvent in 2006? by the chart showing a loss in 2005 . Is that a correct assumption?

    As I have often stated I am not qualified to judge such financial assessments given by qualified experts and would always be interested in others reading/understanding of the information.

    What do others have to say about this recent video?
    Where are they getting their figures from?
    Why still report OCV ...bouncing out of the red?

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