NTC 0.00% $1.10 netcomm wireless limited

Finally dumped this worst stock after 3 years

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    After experiencing 3 years of investor nightmare i.e., watching the crash landing day after MD David left the company and handed over to the wreckage specialists.

    I have finally dumped this stock and made a loss of 60k. The incompetent board lead by CEO Ken enjoyed the tier one salaries with bonus structures not affected by ROI or the share price performance.

    Real thanks to Casa (the only buyer) out there who have helped the battered & bruised investors like me to recover some costs as I had bought around $3 mark.

    I have no doubt that NTC would have only seen the initial 20c days since they had no orders; no new customers; or people who are competent to use CapEx wisely. Bunch of idiots who were liability from day one.. their OpEx is still out of their control.

    I hope none of the NTC execs ever get another exec position anywhere (not where the investors better say).

    Signing-off for good.. all the best to everyone here!
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