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fin review saturday

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    Got a mention in fin review to-day - page 45.
    Record oil prices pump expectations for LNG. I have not quoted entire article just last couple of paragraphs. "The LNG export story gets a further boost after 2012, when a host of new Australian companies are set to become involved. Santos and Oil Search are expected to participate in a major LNG project being proposed in PNG, whilst Santos has one of four LNG export projects being proposed in Queensland. Queensland Gas is another likely participant. It recently benefited from the introduction of global gas major BG Group onto its regisster. Their proposal for a 3 million to 4 million tonnes a year plant in Gladstone generated strong investor support. Other listed participants in these proposed projects are Arrow Energy, SUNSHINE GAS, and LNG Ltd. Investors are expected to begin factoring in more of the potential upside of these projects as an when they begtin to move through the front end engineering and design (FEED) development stage."
    Moving up lately from its lows, could be worth considering, any thoughts please??
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