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figures and facts are needed

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    I nearly bought yesterday but the lack of real figures and facts for field turned me off. What is need is break down of what can be expected, how old is the infrustructure, maintence costs. If any of the wells can be worked over to improve flow. What kind of reserves are the involved with acreage that they have the option for. And also out of the 1200 wells how many are shut off, how many are working and can the shut off wells be brought back on line at what cost.
    You would think after spending 8 mil for a field a bit of a presentation with expectation break down and epv if they get it right would have benefitted everyone and enticed a few to buy, as when spending that much I thought it would have been a given.

    The upside is that MAC bank would have run these figures and field numbers over with a fine tooth comb to see they add up and not be left with a 38 mil hole and a worthless field.
    But on the down side if the spp is a .005 the wall at .006 and .007 will be huge as a 38% profit is on offer at .007.
    I will be watching to see if management can pull there finger out and do a decent job of presenting this to the market with a breakdown of what can be achieved until then there is to many unanswered Questions.

    I know if it was me I would have spent 10g on pr company to handle and give a presentation to a press conference and release a big asx release where there is no doubt that this is a company maker. Sometimes I think that some people running a company are happy to take 200+ grand a year with options and forget its really about your shareholders and not looking after friends, I really think IMP's management while they might run a company have no idea that marketing and pr along with getting your message across is a vital part in todays communication age to actually grow shareholders wealth. Until they take this basic step sp will flounder as no one will to place money on what someone said earlier is a bet because like a gamble.
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