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fighting fire with fire

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    For me personally
    I am sick to death of watching someone or some group of people holding the share price down with capping and constantly manipulation of the price by these ruthless people. I understand the frustrations of all the share holders because I have them as well. But I think our frustrations should be focused of these individuals not on CVI management and differently not on each other.
    I understand the fact that placements dont help the SP course and it does have an effect for a few days after they announce one. But it is the day in day out manipulation i am talking about.
    By our self we are only one person and have no control but as a group we could put an end to this manipulation once and for all.
    I personally would be happy to join some sort of study group who work collectively to put a stop to these manipulators.
    Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire
    Anyway just my thinking on this at the moment
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