Fifth Column "Get Up"?

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    I make no specific allegation against the entity/organistion "Get Up" - nor any of it's members in particular.. I do allege that some of it's members may be totally ignorant of what this organation's allegedly true motives are. What they are really can only be subject to conjecture and allegation at this stage.

    However, in the current political cauldron, where something or someone is very obviously stirring up ash into a political volcano - (this sudden out of left field vicious and underground effort to dislodge our Prime Minister)  - I feel, in a democracy fast fading, in MY opinion - that the ALP, in cahoots with an almost totally Left Wing media, are now, succesfully, able to be in a position of almost totally dictating the politics of Australia. Dictatorship is not far off, no matter how much is it dressed up to appear otherwise. A combined dictatorhsip of totally left wing and subversive forces. And we are at their mercy. Just the workers - generating their pays. Not one member of my family - and lots of friends - have ever worked longer, or harder. Or been more exhuasted in doing so. Whilst these alleged traitors live off the hog, undermining our country.

    I ask others the question to consider, help me, in condering, alleging - that this (silent, hidden, under the radar) organisation - "Get Up" - is, allegedly, either, in reality, straight out Fifth Column, (on whose behalf exactly???) or, at least, engaging in a rampant version of aspects of deliberate Astroturfing - varied tactics as described in link below - an insidious, pernicious, subversive, even traitorous, and desperate ideological push, allegedly. Read link below.

    I do not allege that each and every member of "Get Up" has ill intent towards Australia - some may be unaware they are being "had", or  unaware there are questionable elements amongst various elements of this entity's structures, allegedly. I do allege that this entity, started in the USA by George Soros, allegedly, is, allegedly an extension of the original organisational heavily Left Wing push entity he started - and here, is, allegedly, in Australia now, an actual hidden arm of politics - a political party of sorts - not official - and therefore not having to face electors officially, but allegedly working hard behind the scnes for the nbow totally pervasive Leftist cause.

    I allege, in doing so, they are having an enormous impact on the outcomes of our suppoed democratic elections, State and Federal. I suggest they should be therefore subject to close scrutiny by the Australian Electoral Commision, with regard to any Party connections.

    I allege they are deliberately lobbying for and and canvassing votes  - influencing voting intents, despite being an unregistered bona fide Political Party. It is to be noted that Bill Shorten was a founding member of this entity, in Australia. I make no allegations about his motives and conections here. That is a matter for some future official enquiry, I allege.

    I do allege and suggest that we, the Australian people - the voters, have a good, hard cold look at just who and what "Get Up" is. What IS their structure-  who is financing them? WHo are their eaders, What ARE their grass roots USA connections and who are the founders there.

    I ask, ARE they (allegedly,) some sort of front for either some Fifth Column ideiological push, or, allegedly, active in Astroturfing machinations allegedly trying to achieve subsequent malevolently inspired outcomes for Australia - variants of this tactic detailed in below link.

    No one says Abbott or any other leader, or for that matter ANY AUstralian poliical party,  is lily white "good", and the be-all end all.

    But alternately, why are the Far Left/Greens Senate minor members so loud on many minor issues, yet so totally silent. The major Opposition parties sit on their hands and watch gleefully - delighted at seeing the alleged total nitwits and (some) foul mouthed clueless and totally destructive idiots oreening around as new "Senators" (God help us) wreaking their colossal damage on us all.  Their now smug and bragging groslly overpaid tenures based on a fragment of votes - their Senate struttings alleged total deceits -(yet not a word of criticisms of them from the Left! - LAmbie the absolute foul mouthed pits.

    Shorten -( an abominable Opposition leader - happy to sit watching them help him - who does nothing). These Senate nonentiies playing directly into his damaging hands.

    SO perhaps grab a whisky - or three -  if you have time, and inclination, are at all interested, (as this vicious campaign has come out of left field, this venom against Abbott is now all pervasive - and to me, is a manufactured and deeply malicious and Machievllian plot - orchestrated by an unknown  "Someone") and read this.

    I can't help but look at "Get Up" and their secret society type structure - allegedly conceived and controlled out of the USA.
    Such revealed links now decidely allegedly creepy, allegedly with shades of the power of the Scientolgists, who broach no opposition..

    Here is the read - do more research if in agreement that there is more to this "get rid of Abott" push than meets the eye, superficially, and to those who are concerned for the country - my time on this forum drastically limited at present as someone close very ill in hospital, and I'm exhausted.

    We should all be seething with anger.
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