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To connect the dots Chinese-born Professor Jia migrated to...

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    To connect the dots

    Chinese-born Professor Jia migrated to Australia in 2002, after majoring in physics and optics at Nankai University. Her love of physics was ignited in high school, when her teacher showed the class how simple the questions were on an exam that most of them had failed.
    “He told us the reason we failed was because we believed it was so hard we couldn’t pass,” she says. “It was a new way of thinking for me; don’t try to find the hard way, use instinct and common sense and the answer can be very simple.”



    Design and applications of a novel supercapacitor energy storage system :
    Currently, the dominated energy storage device remains the battery, which charges and discharges extremely slow, have limited lifetime and are harmful to environment. This project will focus on the design and fabrication of novel energy storage system based on the graphene oxide supercapacitors for target applications.


    Two-dimensional material functional devices enabled by direct laser fabrication​


    The supercapacitor market size will be over $1B by 2028


    “Despite the theoretically high specific surface area of single-layer graphene (which can reach up to 2.675 m
    /g), a supercapacitance of 550 F/g has not been reached in a real device because the graphene sheets tend to re-stack together,” explained Jang. “We are trying to overcome this problem by developing a strategy that prevents the graphene sheets from sticking to each other face-to-face. This can be achieved if
    graphene sheets are used instead of flat ones.”


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