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Nice one big k , this will amuse you buddy , it gave me a laugh...

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    Nice one big k , this will amuse you buddy , it gave me a laugh ! I see the Ex Governor of lturi Province was the one doing at lot of finger pointing in that Article and now hes been given the flick I believe !

    He urged the people of Ituri to keep their cool regardless of the outcome of the vote of no confidence.
    For his part, the governor of Ituri says he is ready to provide his defense against anything the signatories of the motion blame him. Jefferson Abdallah Pene Mbaka is accused of mismanagement of revenues from the province and misappropriation of the retrocession sent by the central government.


    Hows it go , do as I say , not as I do Lol , what did I say to this thread about one Year ago. Big Gold will bring out all the crazies , it just sends people wacko for some reason the shinny stuff !
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