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Hey man , I think the fact that we are talking about this openly...

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    Hey man , I think the fact that we are talking about this openly on the thread is great , it also shows it's been far from pushed under the carpet as you and I are discussing it right now.
    I can assure you I'm digging around my DRC buddies to see what all the whohar is about. Sokimo gets paid plenty of the big miners ( $US500mill ) missing from the coffers in 2012 if I recall correctly though that Sokimo can't account for. I have no problem with the VEC deal , but I think the Union is correct in rattling cages to hold Sokimo accountable for missing funds , especialy when it's there for the benifit of workers.

    Why no FT capital finance , well I recall the same Twitter poster that brought this article to light also did a very good peice on how bad it would be if VEC followed through with the FT capital deal. Well VEC have not run with FT Capital as you allude to , so that would be a good thing I would think.

    Anyway , always happy to debate the facts buddy
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