Feuding helps WOW

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    In fighting has helped push Woolies up 39c in last 2 trading days.I didnt jump out at $12.50 as it is looking solid. Positive Iraqi news should push the Dow tonight so I would expect a flow on here again tomorrow.I think about a $13 top should be reachable soon for WOW and would appreciate peoples short term view on its price. I also am now watching Perilya as they go about their 'tight ship' policy here in Broken Hill.Very impressive, they are here to make money, not friends. Down 13c in 2 days on the back of the gas in the hole......I guess they were at a premium at 80c for the short term but a long way to go for this mob I feel...continued falls will see good entry at about 58c....I hold WOW...but not PEM. Cheers
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