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    Silex getting some "ink" here in the U.S....well its OZ news trickling here LOL

    Ferret's Stock to Watch: SILEX SYSTEMS LIMITED
    Wednesday, May 14, 2008; Posted: 07:49 PM 7 Stocks You Need To Know For Tomorrow -- Free Newsletter
    Sydney, May 15, 2008 (RWE via COMTEX) -- SILXF | news | PowerRating | PR Charts -- COMPANY MOVING CLOSER TO COMMERCIAL LASER URANIUM ENRICHMENT (RWE Aust Business News) OVERVIEW

    Silex Systems Ltd (ASX:SLX) has been a Ferret Stock to Watch since research began proving the concept of the unique principles of the SILEX (Separation of Isotopes by Laser EXcitation) process when the shares were less than half the current price.

    The company has already commissioned the world's first silicon laser enrichment pilot plant.

    Yesterday the company announced to the ASX that Global Laser Enrichment (GLE), a subsidiary of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy), has been notified that the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a licence amendment (to an existing nuclear facility licence) to operate a Test Loop for GLE's next generation, SILEX laser-enrichment technology.

    Before a full-scale commercial production facility construction decision, GLE will first evaluate results from the Test Loop, which is currently under construction.

    The Test Loop, being built in Wilmington, North Carolina, is located in the nuclear fuel manufacturing facility operated by Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas, LLC (GNF-A), co-located at GEH's Nuclear Energy headquarters site in Wilmington.

    With facility construction nearly complete, GLE anticipates commencing installation of test loop equipment - such as lasers, gas handling equipment, and auxiliary systems - in the near future.

    A primary objective of the Test Loop is to advance the design of the commercial facility building, equipment, and processes.

    This involves designing components of the commercial production facility itself, as well as ascertaining the specifications and range of operating parameters needed for equipment to be used in production.

    As part of the Test Loop demonstration, UF6 will be enriched in smaller amounts and then blended back to natural UF6.

    GLE will use information gained from the Test Loop to make a final decision on the construction of a commercial facility as early as the beginning of 2009.

    GEH has exclusive rights to develop, commercialise, and launch the third-generation SILEX uranium enrichment technology on a global basis, under an agreement signed in 2006 with Silex Systems, the inventor of the technology.

    Commercial facility licensing activities are currently underway to support a projected start-up date of 2012.

    The GLE commercial facility will have a target capacity of between 3.5 and 6 million separative work units (SWUs).

    Silex is a research and development company whose assets are its proprietary rights in technologies, including, but not limited to, the SILEX technology, Translucent technology and Fiberbyte technology.

    In general, the company's technologies are in the development stage and have not been commercially deployed, and therefore are high-risk.

    The planned GEH plant will result in the creation of hundreds of new technical, operational and support jobs at the site between now and 2012.

    "This is a key milestone in GLE's development process," said Tammy Orr, president and CEO of Global Laser Enrichment.

    "With the selection of the Wilmington site for a potential commercial facility, we can now move forward with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) licensing process," he added.

    Should GEH choose to build the commercial facility, the GLE plant will take up approximately 200 acres of the approximately 1,300-acre site.


    Shares of Silex Systems yesterday rose 36c to $7.11. Rolling high for the year is $13.45 and low $4.10.

    The company has 144.7 million shares on issue with a market cap of $1.02 billion.

    At the end of February the company released a statement covering the prior six-month period.

    The company said steady progress had been maintained in all its technology projects.

    A significant event during this period was the successful completion of a $50 million placement announced on October 31.

    The placement closed oversubscribed with strong demand, particularly from offshore institutional investors.

    The proceeds from the placement are being used to fund ongoing development of the company's technologies and to accelerate related commercialisation initiatives.

    On the technical front, Silex subsidiary Translucent Inc has made good progress with its Solar Photovoltaic project, and now has its first batch of prototype cells available for testing.

    Meanwhile, Silex's Adelaide-based subsidiary, Fiberbyte Pty Ltd, has entered the commercialisation phase for its USBinSync Technology, with several products now ready for market.

    As at the end of February Silex was in a very sound financial position with about $67 million in cash reserves and around $2 million in liabilities.

    The company reported a loss of about $4.8 million for the six months to December.

    The main contributions to this result include the Silex operating loss of around $1.9 million, Translucent's operating loss ($2.5 million), and Fiberbyte's operating loss ($400,000).

    The loss in each company is related to costs associated with the development of the company's technologies and was in line with management's expectations. BACKGROUND

    Silex Systems was established as a research subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare Ltd in 1988.

    Silex began researching the laser isotope separation ideas of co-inventors, Dr Michael Goldsworthy and Dr Horst Struve.

    The unique principles of the SILEX process were established.

    Proof of Principle's demonstration of the SILEX process was achieved at the company's laboratories at Lucas Heights in Sydney.

    Uranium enrichment, just one of the possible applications of SILEX, became the company's initial focus.

    It was divested from Sonic, and later reached agreement for the development and licensing of SILEX technology (exclusively for uranium), with the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC Inc)

    Silex listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on May 7, 1998.

    Afterwards the first milestone of the uranium enrichment program was achieved - demonstrating the process physics of the SILEX concept at a prototypical level.

    Agreement for co-operation between the US and Australian Governments paved the way for continued development of Silex's technology for uranium enrichment, facilitating its future transfer to the US.

    A program to develop applications of the technology for silicon, oxygen and carbon enrichment (known as the Stable Isotopes Program) was launched.

    Silex won the 2000 Australian Technology Award for Excellence in the Manufacturing and Engineering sector.

    Silex secured a "START" R&D grant from the Australian Government to fund 50 per cent of the SILEX Stable Isotope Program.

    A research agreement was signed with Westinghouse Electric Company to investigate the application of the SILEX technology to the enrichment of zirconium, (which has the potential to improve the economics of nuclear power reactors).

    Silex raised $36 million to assist in funding the development of its technology portfolio.

    The company moved further into the semiconductor technology field with the acquisition of a 30 per cent interest in Silicon Valley start-up, Translucent Photonics Inc.

    Translucent is developing a revolutionary technology to create "optical gain" in silicon, potentially enabling silicon to play a major role in the photonics/optical communications industry for the first time.

    The SILEX technology was officially "Classified" by the US and Australian Governments.

    The implications of classification relate mainly to security protocols.

    The SILEX uranium enrichment project achieved a key milestone with the first full demonstration of practical uranium enrichment using the SILEX 'Direct Measurment Facility'.

    Silex signed a collaboration agreement with Sumitomo Mitsubishi Silicon Corporation (SUMCO), the world's second largest silicon wafer manufacturer, to test enriched silicon wafers for semiconductor applications.

    USEC announced its withdrawal from the uranium project after funding it for six years, despite continuing positive results.

    The first batch of enriched silicon-28 arrived at SUMCO's wafer plant in Japan, initiating a program to manufacture enriched silicon wafers.

    The SILEX silicon project achieved a key demonstration milestone, with enrichment of silicon-28 to 99.9 per cent (from 92 per cent natural essay).

    Silex took majority ownership in Translucent Photonics, moving to 70 per cent interest from 30 per cent, and also increased its stake in Fiberbyte to 83 per cent from 51 per cent.

    Translucent achieved a key technical milestone by demonstrating optical gain in crystalline silicon material.

    This milestone could have far reaching implications for the semiconductor and photonics industries, potentially allowing fully integrated electronic and optical processing in silicon chips for the first time.

    Translucent won core patent protection for its invention, receiving official notice of allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

    The Patent "Optical Gain in Silicon" protects not only the core material, but also the device structures which will be fabricated from that material.

    Translucent pursues key spin-off technologies (Silicon-on-Insulator substrates and high-k dielectrics) with potential application to the silicon chip industry.

    Silex and Translucent have agreed on a $US9 million debt funding round to accelerate commercialisation efforts.
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