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    Some share price moves to keep an eye on in the market:

    SIGNATURE BRANDS (SBL) at 40c: First day of trading. The
    tightly-held 20c shares opened at 30c. Signature Brands markets apparel,
    confectionary, swimwear and wine. Its Koala Blue Wines are already sold
    in the major consumer markets of the US, Canada and Japan, as well as 20
    other countries. Other brands include Brian Rochford and Olivia.

    UNITRACT (UNI) down 30c to $1.87: Dropped as low as $1.65
    following a weekend newspaper article. In a statement today, chairman
    David Riekie said: "The article is undeserving of any specific comment.
    The board is of the opinion that our CEO, Mr Alan Shortall, is the
    target of an unprovoked attack on his credibility."

    WORLEY GROUP (WOR) up 24c to $3.29: Opened as high as $3.50.
    Today confirmed its 35pc-owned joint venture had won a contract worth up
    to $US800 million ($A1.04bn) for the restoration of oil infrastructure
    in Iraq with the US Army Corps of Engineers.

    NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK (NAB) down 20c to $20.72: Plumbed an
    early low of $29.60 after increasing its pre-tax loss from foreign
    currency options trading to $185 million, from the original estimate of
    $180 million. CEO Frank Cicutto said the bank was undertaking a market
    revaluation of the remaining portfolio that was expected to lead to
    additional losses.

    TRIAKO (TKR) up 2c to $1.87: Today reported the mine cash
    surplus for the December quarter was $4.8 million, up from $4.7
    million in the previous quarter. At the Mineral Hill Mine, a gold feed
    grade of 14.8g/t resulted in quarterly gold production of 18,127 ozs,
    down from 21,248 ozs. Gold production for the first half was 39,375 ozs,
    up from 27,350 ozs.

    PALM SPRINGS (PSG) up 1c to 35c: Touched 37c after the spring
    water supplier announced a home delivery service in association with the
    launch of Sunbeam Australia's spring water chiller. Australia Post will
    deliver the water to homes around the country.

    WMC RESOURCES (WMR) up 19c to $5.27: Making up Friday's fall.
    Brokers have upgraded their forecasts for the mining heavyweight after
    it reported record levels of nickel and fertiliser production in the
    fourth quarter.

    AMP (AMP) down 5c to $4.78: Continues to retreat. AMP has
    boasted its Australian business had lifted net flows from $522 million
    in the first half to $956 million in the second half but analysts
    pointed out net inflows had exceeded $4 billion in fiscal 2001.

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