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    RWE News
    8:17:020 31/01/2005
    Sydney - Monday - January 31: (RWE Australian Business News) -


    ASX code: ANO
    Issue price: $0.20
    Amount sought: $9 million
    Market cap: $33.05 million
    Underwriter: KTM Capital
    Listing date: February 17

    Nanotechnology involves the creation and use of matter smaller
    than 100 nanometres.
    One nanometre (nm), a billionth of a metre, is one 75,000th the
    width of a human hair.
    Advanced Nano was founded in 1997 present CEO Paul McCormick and
    his team of researchers from the Mechanical Engineering Department of
    the University of Western Australia (UWA).
    Originally named Advanced Powder Technology, the company was
    formed to commercialise the patented MCP nanopowder manufacturing
    technology, developed by the UWA.
    In 2000, Advanced Nano and Samsung Corning Co of Korea formed
    Advanced Nano Technologies Pty Ltd, a 50-50 owned company to
    commercially develop the MCP technology.
    Dr McCormick says, "Advanced Nanotechnology believes its
    nanopowder products have broad application and the potential to
    penetrate emerging global nanotechnology markets in areas such as
    cosmetics, industrial coatings, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, catalysts
    and advanced ceramics."
    Advanced Nano currently sells four products into Australian and
    overseas markets and achieved sales to customers of $863,000 in the 2004
    financial year:
    * ZinClear - a transparent SPF 30+ sunscreen containing only
    zinc oxide as the UV absorber.
    * Alusion - soft effect pigments for masking the effects of
    * NanoZ - for long-life transparent UV absorbing coatings.
    * The fourth product manufactured by Advanced Nano is a cerium
    oxide nanoparticle dispersion, a key component of Envirox, a fuel-borne
    catalyst developed by Cerulean International.
    The Stagecoach Group recently announced plans to introduce
    Envirox across its 7000-strong bus fleet in the UK following a
    successful 12-month commercial evaluation.
    Advanced Nano chairman Harold Clough says, "Markets for
    nanomaterials with special properties and processes have been forecast
    by the United States National Science Foundation to reach $US240 billion
    per annum by 2011-2015.
    "Many governments around the world are investing in the future
    of nanotechnology.
    "The United States Government alone has committed some $US3.7
    billion towards nanotechnology research and is leading the world in the
    nanotechnology sector.
    "Advanced Nanotechnology is well-positioned to participate
    within the lucrative global nanotechnology market."



    ASX code: RBH
    Issue price: $0.20
    Amount sought: $3 million
    Market cap: $7.17 million
    Lead manager: Arthur Phillip
    Listing date: March 17

    Real Brand Holdings has agreed to acquire 100 per cent of Real
    Brand&Business Pty Ltd [Real Brands], which is an expert in interpreting
    and extending brands.
    "The work of its founder, Virginia Bruce, has been recognised
    globally and her track record in assisting clients such as Warner Bros
    and Mattel speaks for itself," chairman Richard Poole says.
    Real Brands focuses on adding value to existing brands by
    extending their ranges of products and, where possible, markets.
    The company is aiming to develop a core portfolio of brands for
    its extension programs.
    Work by Real Brands with Kellogg's serves as an example of how
    to create additional value and extend a brand.
    "Effectively, Kellogg's owns or represents breakfast (cereals)
    and as such has a whole range of attributes which relate or surround how
    one thinks of breakfast.
    "These attributes are used in selecting suitable brand
    extension," Mr Poole says.
    Additional products to be developed under the Kellogg's brand
    include bowls and crockery suitable for breakfast.
    Real Brands has agreed to assist Kellogg's to extend the use of
    its brand in exchange for 50 per cent of all royalty revenue derived.
    It is the first of many contracts Real Brands hopes to secure
    with existing brands on commercial terms.
    The company also provides a broad range of consulting services,
    which include brand strategy, related future and trend research,
    marketing and brand communication, new product design and development.
    "Real Brands has developed and owns a proprietary Brand
    Management System (patent pending) that ensures control of each brand
    and its realisation in the market through consistent implementation at
    every consumer touch point," the company says.
    "The result builds brand equity into a measurable asset, and
    captures multiple, incremental revenue opportunities for Real Brands,
    its clients and partners."

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