Fergls friend with deceased from plane crash!

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    Can't believe the day I've had today!

    First the Bali explosion now a Cessna crashing in Bungendore.

    If anyone reads the Sunday Sun the analyst from SSB, whom I know, was with the deceased bush walking in Wilsons Prom on the weekend!!!! He and another later jumped on a plane and the rest is history!

    Police say the single engined Cessna was attempting to land on a private property when it crashed and burnt into flames at about 6 pm yesterday.

    One man died in the crash and a 33 year old Canberra man suffered extensive injuries.

    Police say the plane had left Wilson Promontoryin Victoria earlier that day.

    Not to finish, I get home for lunch only to find my girlfriend in bed courting a lump on her head. Appears some shelving came down this morning which knocked her out!!

    Is it the end of the world?

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