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    No have not had time, been busy with work and have not done much in the garden or in the house lattley

    At this point I'm thinking of putting off choosing a colour, will move the office out of the lounge room, remove the carpet and put down a floating timber/laminate floor. The choice of timber/laminate floor will help decide on colours and furniture.

    Mind you the idea of using the existing colour would make it easier

    The year is flying past, amongst the many thing I need to do is start planing for end of financial year. Accountants working on last years business tax return, once I get that need to get my personal tax return done and then start looking at replacing my existing loan's mortgage.

    Had a hell of a time getting a loan to buy out my business partner and ended up getting a loan from a non-bank lender with a higher interest rate. Since then both of my banks who knocked me back on the loans have come back to me to see if they can get my business back.

    Task for today is chasing up outstanding invoices, hate doing it but needs to be done. Pisses me off how some people put off paying their invoices
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