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    A piano playing badged bloke?
    You certainly are an enigma, wrapped up in a quandary and offya chops to boot!

    I say that with envy and a firm knowledge that I am totally different!
    but very similar

    big e, just like buying stocks, we all should think of an exit plan.
    I’m not suggesting that we should be trying to rob the Reaper but having a plan if we lose our grip on our paddle, heading up that effluent creek of the later years we shouldn’t “cut ourselves up to much”, wondering about the laws of gov/church.

    That’s my POV and enough on that bit.
    My true belief on life is, think about it but don’t over think it!!
    Don’t let other peeps beliefs/hang ups stop oneself from doing what we believe/hope will give us a giggle ( as long as it doesn’t hurt others) and don’t pop ya clogs wondering with the “What If’s”.

    Maybe I’m just a selfish type ( more than likely) but I plan to enjoy my life and try my best (at a minimum) to try not to upset others but I will upset others if it means that the majority benefit.

    At at the worst, I’ll end up with some splinters in my bottom from fence sitting!
    Sometimes it takes a time to decide who may be the bigger goose but selfish types like me can suffer a few splinters
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