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    you and you cat marg63 almost killed NBD
    so here is an evening Tip For teens
    free of charge from you local NoBoDe...
    The interweb is a dark dark and deadly place,
    about some time ago,went to save a simple photo of a cat that wanted to add
    pink fluffs coming out its tail to post back to you...
    and got the highest Purple?Green/spot level alarm...
    HAD TO go to safemode,
    and then spent the last odd time,
    chaseing the B_(*&^%#&$*%(^&( cat around the reg files,
    DOD 5 level nuking binary code,
    the thing tried to put a claw though NBD;s port cullus,
    it had the audacity to try and kill NBD,s troop of storm troopers
    Sheeesh should ope up an el cheepo pooter hospital
    some drongo who knows jack sheet would O charged up to $500 for an hour worth of work...
    Well found the lilll mean and very very nasty green puddy tad,
    and am not sorry to say,,, skinned it alive,,,,
    So folks,,,, here is your free tip,,,
    its better to screen shot a web pic than to down load it,
    as so many a re stenographed with not only 20 to 50 cookies per pic,
    but have hidden root kits,,,

    Know You Local_Rootkit_and its not just a condom_Link
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