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    @Margaret63 - thankyou for your sweet message!!
    NoBoDe is a survivor, he's already got some of the nurses intrigued, so he is looked after,

    and there is so much 'to do' -

    above all there are three meals now per day, he can't walk very fast, because of his breathing problem, so he needs a walking frame, probably takes his inhaler along, too.

    He has a serious lung problem: life-long smoker, but the doctors are dealing with this;
    and he is a very good talker when he wants to and can charm people, also when he wants to, so he is o.k.

    I am going to tell a little secret here:

    When I first met him, which is now close to 2 years ago; he presented as this weird man in a strange 'camouflage coat' funny hat, boots and a shepheards crock (airport security had kept him under observation, as I was late and hesitant coming off the plane) - and you probably have seen the photograph. I realised pretty soon, that he was actually well-educated, a decent man, and just liked being theatrical.

    Well, next day he showed me round Canberra and took me to the War Memorial in this outfit and there was a class of young kids, girls and boys, with their teacher in front of an exhibit about the gold rush days in Victoria.
    He placed himself in front of the glass case, put his hand on his 'wand' and began a lecture about the gold rush days - and he began by asking who was good at arithmetic: one girl got pointed out, so he asked her: "what do you think this nugget is worth (and he pointed to the mock and huge gold nugget in the show case), got her to work out the value based on today's gold price (which was then about $1800/ounce), she did but he then knew the price from back then - (which was in the showcase, anyway) - and then said: in those days you could buy a pony and a buggy for this money and have enough left over for a house . . .

    and so on, giving examples which took account that they were kids . . .

    He eventually finished and there was initially a faint hush of wonderment about 'what had actually just happened'?
    this odd man who popped up from the crowd and who was dressed in those clothes the gold diggers wore, just entertained them, but also educated them, they were silent and impressed - later on they followed us with their eyes, whenever they spotted NBD. - the teacher applauded.

    So, you see, he is good with people, even manipulative, but not in a bad way.

    So far, he is not missing his computer, because he now even has his own room and a TV.

    Some people on here keep in touch via SMM's
    I tell him what goes on on HC - and yesterday we had a half-hour conversation, but it was mostly about his change of room and the treatment he is getting, which is very good.

    I believe this is the best thing which could have happened to him as I was slowly despairing of ever helping him in any real sense.

    I really hope they keep him in for at least 10 days, maybe longer.

    ... and he believes in God, which helps him a lot, I think.
    Take care
    enjoy your winnings (I still can't be bothered, had too many failures in the past!!)

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