Hello BB How are you, I just thought I would share with you...

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    Hello BB

    How are you,

    I just thought I would share with you about my win today, I love winning,

    You remember a few months ago when we were talking about robber bees,

    Welllllll, I own those robber bees now, How bloody good is that,

    I'll tell you why, the guy next door is clearing his block to build his house,

    he got perrmission from the shire to cut down a big jarrah tree right in the centre of his building envelope,

    Anyway, I got a knock on the back door at breky this morning,

    Hi Jason, hey brad, How are you, Jason do you want some bees, hell yeah, Yes I do,

    So any way, we cut the log in the right place and then I emptied it into one of my empty boxes, remember the hive that died of startvation a few weeks back,

    Well I filled it back up with bees again,

    So anyway, part of my robber bees are now owned by me, lol,

    And I'll see if I can find the rest of the robber bees somewhere else,

    I've got the log that we cut in half in front of my hive and I took all the comb and the queen out and gave them a new clean home,

    I'll wait a couple of days until all the bee settle into their new home and then I'll throw the log into our wood fire to keep us cosy and warm and let my new wild girls settle in,

    I love winning, lol,


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