oh that one is set up for a "squrit"you can change seats,,,No...

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    oh that one is set up for a "squrit"
    you can change seats
    No you dont get sore back,,,
    but you can get very tired arms,,,so the normal was is to get places very fast slowly...
    you go fast for a hour,,,
    then you pull over for a smoko.,,,,
    then you over take the same cars again,,,
    a few more times
    sometime one pulls a "U"y and goes back
    do another
    "U"y and overtake the same cars again...
    an sure their car web cam fottage is most confullzzling,.,,,
    did you know you can have a bit of plastic,,that when an electric is passed through it,
    it sorta goes all foggy,,, its used to have private showers
    just got to think of another use for it....
    think think

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