Hi Margaret - thanks for the good wishes - arm didn't hurt at...

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    Hi Margaret - thanks for the good wishes - arm didn't hurt at all - get it looked at next week and report back from lab. what kind of nasty it was - tiny cut. Will have a body map done as NBD suggested, as have only had 3 taken off ever, all harmless, but did like the sun, when I/we had pool.
    (I keep using "I/we" because don't wish to forget hubby, who died, but renovated all the homes I lived in, with me and sometimes the kids helping also from time to time).

    He was a person of great humanity, never-ending energy and endless optimism, who could look at a wreck of a home and come home and tell me he had seen this wonderful place he/we were going to buy. AND he did turn 'the wreck' into something worthwhile whilst also having a job, and being a good (often funny) father.

    Kids: I have spent the 20-something years since his death 'looking after' my kids, who still do what they want, get married, divorced, eat funny diets (I go along), come and go, live overseas, forget to send me even emails etc. - I have given money to one, who then decided not to speak to me - but all good now - and the sick one (cancer) seems to finally have a bit of luck with a new treatment.

    I now realise, I forgot to live, because of my 'kids' -

    Not saying you do that - it is a normal and a good thing to 'look after' your kid, but don't expect too much back.

    Thinking of doing a bit of trading again - as everyone here seems to talk of shares lately.
    Good luck with SUDA - will look into it, also, seeing it's a W.A. company.

    Hoping for a good government, whoever wins - all this talk of Bob Hawke brought back memories when Australia was forward-looking - now all our 'leaders' seem to do is scramble for the top job.


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