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    All knitted soles on slippers, big e. Contemplated adding a non-slip base or a sole made from a long wearing material but was warned it would adversely effect the comfort factor and the weighting of the slipper. They only have a passing nod to practicality with the greatest emphasis on heavenly comfort. Anyone who puts them into a washing machine and then hands them back to "fix them", gets a lecture. But I am a softy, they also get a replacement pair, but I only give them away and only to people I know well and interact with regularly. Not designed for falling into fish pond, playing tennis, walking in figure 8's, walking on grass or gravel, or wearing when kicking a football.

    That's Higgins for you. Not even a sausage on bread with some sauce. I feel like complaining.....
    I had forgotten these slippers although their picture is showing under a google search for "Checkerboard Slippers" with many many others. My secret though is the addition of the raw wool lining and not part of the pattern. Wash them and they shrink!!!
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