Months ago there was a thread called - when I was 8 - I think...

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    Months ago there was a thread called - when I was 8 - I think that's right.
    I spoke then about my paternal grandmother in Sydney where I lived until about 9.
    She could only be described as eccentric although I didn't know that word then.
    A clever woman who was always talking to me as an 18 year old and teaching business rules.
    At times drove mum nuts but I was the apple of her eye (the image of dad) and I think different is in the DNA.
    Even my first words - yes plural - left mum speechless. Taught by dad. LOL
    No they were not rude but sweet. He was looking after me in my big cane pram and laying a brick fence at the same time.
    Could not pick me up when I screamed but instead came to talk to me which shut me up.
    He must have said the same thing a number of times and I just repeated it.
    Had not even said mum or dad at that stage. LOL

    Hope I haven't bored all in this trip down memory lane.
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