OK Tasted the mead, never tasted mead before so didn't know what...

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    OK Tasted the mead, never tasted mead before so didn't know what to expect. Was interesting but there was a taste I was not sure about, son suggested that taste would go away with aging.

    So here is my sons take


    Very high clarity, really nice legs, beautiful topaz hue.

    Old honey aromatics, light cloveesters, dried figs, sherried fruit.

    A little young on the palate,guessing it's around a year old, has some rustic fusel textures from the ferment that should round out nicely with another 6-8 months ageing.

    Nice vanilla (oaken?) tannins in the finish dry out the palate nicely, good minerality, lightly astringent but overall complimentary.

    A very nice, great looking mead that will continue to improve for up to 6 years

    Cider, I didn't mind it thought I don't normally drink cider

    And my son's comments


    Good clarity, great colour again, very strong legs for a cider.

    Dried fruit, apple blossom, crisp pear skin aromatics.

    Thinking this was fermented with a wine yeast 8-9%? Very full bodied and viscous, a little sharp in the fore palate.

    Has similar mustiness to the mead,thinking a by product of the yeast.

    Grape flesh, crisp apple, floral accents with light anise/clove.

    Rounds out really nicely in the finish, smooth with good tannin structure.

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