Thanks bunbun. This makes a big difference financially and I...

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    Thanks bunbun.
    This makes a big difference financially and I just feel like I have some breathing space.
    Could not do anything without charts. I'm never right but the market is and thank heavens the market sees
    what I do.

    I've voted but went to the usual place - wrong - so drove to Prahran Town Hall with the brilliant idea of getting
    a juice from the juice bar. Only 3 girls and 1 machine and all going flat out and the wait was going to be soooo
    long unfortunately. Not a sausage sizzle in sight nor a cake and when I looked around I figured I was the only oldie
    that didn't vote before the date.
    The crowd looked to all be greenies and it would not surprise me if Higgins went to the greens.
    Great to see dogs let in too.

    Hydrogen seals the deal for me and was actually thinking that maybe in years to come it could be a share to split and
    have mining in one and power and energy in another. Great think time in my 10 minute figure of 8 walks in my garden.
    Let the mind imagine. Actually posted a while ago about a possible name change in a few years.

    Not born with a silver spoon in my mouth as the child of a war widow as you probably know but have worked damned
    hard for what I have. Not a mansion but am mega happy with lots of glass and sun now streaming in. Maximum north
    and maximum security. Perfect for me and guests.

    Seems u get a quid at maybe the wrong end of life but any struggle makes u appreciate things more.

    My little tootsies now in the sun would be mega hot in @picastoc slippers.

    What are the soles to your slippers pica? Are they sewn to hard soles or completely knitted?

    No complaints today.
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