bunbun did some housework this morning and late afternoon....

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    bunbun did some housework this morning and late afternoon.
    Friend R in between.

    All to the tune of Willie Nelson - double CD about 150 mins. so pushed the vac while doing a country two step and
    likewise was left with a mop for a partner later.  Tragic!  
    I have to walk in 10 min lots so might as well do it to music.  Plus fit in legs in air for 20 min stints.  LOL

    Hope all safe and sound but we have another holiday for Anzac Day so might not feel like a normal week.

    Managed late yesterday to watch 3 part program I had recorded called 'Mrs Wilson' - all I could think of was
    the ad I replied to headed Desperately Seeking.

    Tonight I will be recording 'The Typist' - SBS at 11.35 pm in Melbourne.

    @makingmoneystill was wondering how far away your nearest vet is should any of your girls get into
    trouble lambing?  Comes from watching Springtime season of Yorkshire Vet.

    Accidentally taught myself a few things on my smart phone.  LOL  Poor phone with me in control.
    Asked it where Cooper's and Mila's was - Spoonful closed.  Hey presto.
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