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    NoBoDe, Ok...…… Not know how personal you want my reply but here goes, in a nutshell. Is in my blood... related to the Tyers family ( Castlemaine, Talbot,maryborough but the early years was at Amherst Vic.)have found gold there in the 1980,s. For me started at Seymore/ puckapunyal, lived next door to WO webster, he was into old goldfield bottles, had all the maps on the areas, we both left the army. Was,nt long before he got into the first metal detectors, I worked for him at Seymore handyman hire. On weekends we,d be out picking up coins and tokens, then Bob Sargent(from W.A.) walked in one day canvas bag full of gold nuggets, I think that was around 1978. Became my passion, moved to WA permanently 1995, regret not coming here earlier, but would have been hard with a young family out the bush in those days, HF radio, no gps then either. Anyway.... its a hard game, just been done over by a JV partner not putting in the paperwork on our lease, three years in the bush, solo, digging trenches.....crushing/panning/ sampling and proving up an area I found in 1997, down the drain, has left a bitter taste, trust is so hard in the gold business, lots of BS goes on.greed destroys a lot of friendships! So..... your reply is now invited on your forays in life...… cheers
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