Here Bee the Bees Nizz and just how...

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    Here Bee the Bees Nizz and just how )(&*&^$^#&%*^&*()((_((*&%#&^&^*)(_
    they are:

    and why are these lil ol buzzers worith the 80% of global GDP

    bees are worth $15 billion a year..that is 2 clams for every swinging dick and lady flower
    ( sorry for the crude)
    but this topic gets a bee up ma bonnet as need them each year to make stuff you just cant buy for love or money:
    and here is another thing:
    the lack of pre fire season reduction burning:
    • suffing up the migation to places where food grows
    • the continuity of a local population with gene memory
    • the production of the best and most vital honey
    • they rubbisg that comes from sugar water is honey/tastes like honey..but is akin to US chesse you get from a tube:
    • the reduction in vital plants beeeeeing able to with stand a fire event ( due to unvialbe seeds)
    • the reduction in honey with anti cancer properties
    • In Old Testament Times,,honey was used as a way to travel far,and a wound blam
    • I have traveled many days on just one Honey comb: and it actually fixed a tooth ache:
    • these lttle humble workers,,who but their poopas to get a drop back to the safe,,are nuked so much each year
    did you know that in china they now pay people to use paint brushes to dab flowers: could post you a link,
    but you are not intrinsically silly so will leave it up to you to delve further:

    now need another cone of "prockly prickly ash" and genteel dram of the latest choock stock extract; mild at 65%

    its a sting subject with me: i would hjave mithing to eat but for theas hard giants:
    so if you see a tired bee,, git it someint sweet but dont move it: and they WILL REWARD YOU IN SPADES,HEARTS AND DIAMONDS,,AND YOUR CLUB WILL NOT HAVE TO BE BEEE USED AS THEY REMEMBER YOUR UGLY MUGS; wink.pngtongue.png
    yingtongyiddler i poe:
    this is re posted for any new visitors

    bees and GDP


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