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    Hi HC team.

    Just a few issues...

    1) today and yesterday, a couple of my posts just seemed to disappear. There was one (yesterday) that contained a piece by Roach on the US economy and one today that contained a release from Adamus Resources (ADU). As they contained nothing that I would have thought was controversial is there some glitch in the system? Both posts are still available if I click on my own name in the "users online" and see my latest posts...

    2) Would it be possible for the left hand side of the screen (containing the forums search buttons etc) to remain static while the posts side of the screen scrolls? That way one does not need to scroll back up to click on latest posts.

    3) I note that, as in the past) if you click on a particular thread in any forum, the colour changes to show that you've read the post. This is great. Trouble is that all posts placed subsequently in that thread show up red suggesting that they have been read but, of course they haven't (yet).

    Love the site Pat et al. Hope it proves profitable for you.

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