Federal officials shielded from Ruby Princess inquiry

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    Federal officials shielded from Ruby Princess inquiry

    Federal officials will be shielded from direct scrutiny at the NSW inquiry into the Ruby Princess cruise ship amid accusations the Morrison government has failed to co-operate with the investigation.

    The federal decision means the special commission will have to report without being able to question two federal officers who helped clear the ship to disembark 2700 passengers in Sydney in March.

    Commissioner Bret Walker has issued a legal summons to hear testimony from one of the officials, a Department of Agriculture worker who granted permission for the ship to enter port, but was rebuffed again on Monday.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised to co-operate with the inquiry on April 21 and insisted on Monday he had done so, but he did not explain why the two officials should not appear to give evidence.

    A federal Department of Agriculture biosecurity officer did not complete the checklist required for travellers with illnesses, which led to errors in a report that led to formal permission for the ship to disembark.

    An Australian Border Force officer gave permission for passengers to leave the ship but made a mistake when checking health tests for some of those passengers.


    Hmm, not a good look .

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