Federal Labor will be worried

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    IMO Federal Labor will be very worried that Mr Abbott could soon fall and be replaced by Malcolm Turnbull.

    Turnbull has widespread public support and is regarded as intellectually sound and a good communicator.

    I have no doubt that if Mr Turnbull were returned as leader there would be an early electoral bounce for the Coalition. Whether this could be sustained on an on-going basis would depend on whether he has the capacity to drop unfair policies and develop new ones that would be welcomed by the community. I don't know the answer to the latter. It would have to be a wait and see. He would probably need to do a Cabinet reshuffle that would differentiate his leadership from the current failed one. All up to the backbenchers now to work the numbers.

    Suffice to say imo Labor and Shorten would prefer to face Abbott at the next election and would realise that the prospect of Malcolm Turnbull as PM would be a far greater challenge.

    Just my opinions.
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