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    One day a TV crew had to do a feature about the modern cowboy's way of living. So they went to a little Texan town and asked a farmer named John to tell the viewers all about a normal working day. John starts, "Well, I wake up very early to feed the cows and the horses but not before having a nice shot of whiskey." The reporter orders the camera man to stop shooting and says to John, "Sir, listen, I think you should skip the part about the booze and instead tell people who will watch this feature that you do something else, something more ethical and educating, like reading." "Okay," says John, "So, I feed the cattle and then I read something, a good book. Every day my neighbor Bill comes over and together we take the thirsty animals to the river. While they drink water, we read a few chapters from my book. Then they eat grass and by sunset we finish the book." "Good," the satisfied reporter interrupts him, "then you go home." "Not quite, we stop at the public library where the librarian pours, err, I mean gives us books to read at ease, he has best-sellers there, but unfortunately he closes down by midnight and throws us all out." "And then, of course, you go home," the reporter expresses his hope. "Not straight home," John replies calmly, "my friend Bill has a cousin nearby who has one hell of a printing press and we go there to read something really strong."
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