Hmmmm.Australia is awash with innovative and sustainable...

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    Australia is awash with innovative and sustainable industries that don't rely on heavy industry. I invest in them and they will continue to grow their revenue globally over time. Pintoo. ….. there is a lot of innovation happening in Agriculture as has always been the case.

    Our problem is the debt laden immigration driven Ponzi market for property in most of our capital cities.

    If I had investors as clients I would have been advising most of them to radically change their portfolio balances long ago ……. but there is good news. If the easy money can has been kicked down the road just a little further by the Fed and the ECB, average punters may get a belated opportunity to refocus and act. Nothing is safe. The banks aren't safe IMO and nor is the AUD. A global market downturn will hit absolutely everything but as some media pundits are saying, the Australian domino may be the first and worst to fall amongst so-called developed economies.

    To the foolish Trumpists and other ultranationalist idiots on this thread I'll once again say WE ARE A "TINY" TRADING ECONOMY!! Get it through your thick heads that our politicians cannot act like even a polite version of Trump. If they did other nations would just laugh at us, ignore us and buy what they need from elsewhere. They don't care and they don't owe us a living. And then when it come time for all of us all line up at Centrelink don't expect the Government (i.e. remaining taxpayers) to have money or anything else to hand out. The cupboard will be bare.

    The utter economic stupidity of some ultranationalist groups is worse than even the Communist end of the Green spectrum.


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