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    Surely this is a superior approach than routing anyway?
    Not only does routing add unnecessary complexity to the process, but it only benefits the trades during the initial build process and not services being added years down the track.

    I live in a 60s/70s era house. Typical ex-housing commission timber frame weatherboard fibro (asbestos) external.

    I'd love to add many more power and data points in each room. To do this neatly would result in cutting large panels of internal walls, drilling through the horizontal studs that are randomly placed between the vertical studs (I think the purpose of these are firestops?) then replace the cut panel, patch and repaint.

    With these blocks aligning the cavity I could simply drop the cable down from the ceiling and drill a hole where I want the point. Either use a standoff for the point and surface mount or drill border holes in a rectangle shape and flush mount with the wall.
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