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fausse point well map

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    I located GGP's current well (TGR Land Company Inc #1 well) on the SONRIS platform and ran a query on all wells drilled within a 10 km² area of the TGR Land Company Inc #1 well. Including TGR Land Company Inc #1 well, a total of 40 wells were drilled in that 10 km² area - a link is provided to view the details of each well.

    Fausse Pt Well Map - PDF format 2.2MB is best viewed by zooming in at 200%.

    Page 1 is the well map.

    Page 2 is the legend.

    Page 3 is a spreadsheet summary of the 40 wells within that 10 km² area. The distance and direction of each well from TGR Land Company #1 well is shown on the spreadsheet.
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