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    Fat Prophets Australia Fund Limited Close Date: 6 April 2005

    Fat Prophets Australia Fund Limited is an investment company that has been established to provide investors with exposure to a value investment style similar to that behind the successful Fat Prophets report. Mint Financial Group Pty Limited established the Fat Prophets report in 2000 as primarily an equities based research report. The Fat Prophets report is popular among E*TRADE customers, particularly its "Stock of the Week" page, which is featured in our Stock Centre.

    In February the Initial Public Offer of the Fat Prophets Australia Fund Limited was made under a Prospectus, which indicates that the company will be applying for ASX-listing, and intends investing in Australian equities. E*TRADE is a Sponsoring Broker to the issue.

    The Prospectus under which the company seeks to raise up to $40,000,000, is available through the IPO & Structured Products section of the E*TRADE website. The Offer closes on 6 April 2005, with a proposed commencement of trading on the ASX on the 21 April 2005.

    Key features of the Company include:

    The stapling of Shares and Options, via the Stapled Security issued pursuant to this Prospectus, until the Unstapling Date of 20 April 2006.
    An opportunity to invest in a company that uses the Fat Prophets report as an input to its investment process - research that has provided valuable investment advice.
    An independent Chair of the Board and majority of independent Directors on the Board and the Audit committee of the Board.
    Capital management aimed at maximising Stapled Security holder value. The Board may authorise the buy back of Stapled Securities in the Company if Stapled Securities in the Company trade at a substantial discount to net tangible asset value.
    ------------------------------------------------------ "if these guys can't make money;no one can".
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