fat cow knows how to bargain

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    UK Paper: Suha to receive generous pension from PA

    Yasser Arafat's widow Suha will inherit 13m (roughly NIS 107 million) from the Palestinian Authority, London's Sunday Times reported.

    In a deal reached with Ahmed Qurei, the Palestinian prime minister, Suha Arafat is to receive a lump sum of ₤7m (NIS 57 million).
    A further ₤800,000 (NIS 6.5 million) will be paid to her annually for the next nine years. She will then receive a pension of ₤300,000 (NIS 2.4 million) a year.

    The paper reported that the agreement was reached in Paris while the Palestinian leader lay in a coma.

    After the deal was signed, Suha gave permission for the life support machine that had kept her husband's organs functioning to be switched off, ending a period of intense and almost farcical medical confusion in which he was being pronounced dead one minute but was supposedly alive and well enough to chat with world leaders the next.

    The International Monetary Fund reported last year that ₤560m was transferred from the Palestinian Authority budget into a Swiss account that has since been closed. The whereabouts of the money was unknown.

    Arafat's daughter Zahwa will be looked after when she reaches 18. She will be granted ₤45,000 (NIS 369,000) a year until her 25th birthday, the Sunday Times reported.

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