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    It's been a while since we heard anything on this front. For those of you who have been holders for more than a couple of years, you may remember that Netcomm signed a frame purchase agreement with Nokia for their fastmile NTD's in 2016.


    For over 2 years I've been looking for information about any fastmile initiatives happening around the world to see if there was anything we could benefit from, but nothing.

    Until today.....

    An article about Optus using Nokia's Fastmile for 5g appeared here:

    So I re-checked Nokia's site and found this:

    There is a map showing all their current 5G opportunities with over 70 agreements signed so far including:
    Bell Canada
    Deutsche Telekom
    etc. etc. All the companies we have also signed agreements with and ALOT more.

    If you read through all the articles, more often than not you will also see that there is a corresponding collaboration article on Netcomm's site.
    e.g. The NTTC DOCOMO and Vodafone partnership.

    Curious to see that Nokia also has a 5G Customer Premesis Equipment (CPE) with both Indoor and Outdoor antenna options. They also seem to have a mobile app for setting up the device, and a video showing what looks to be a self install guy here:

    Similar to the netcomm one:

    Wondering if the Nokia solution has Netcomm internals similar how the NBN equipment is NBN Branded.

    In both cases netcomm released their own 4G/5G products for the general market.

    To add fuel to this idea, Els Baert (who joined netcomm as a Director Less than 1 year ago) -
    "lead marketing campaigns for the Fixed Networks business of Alcatel-Lucent (now known as Nokia) and supported nbn in becoming successful in their journey to connect everyone in Australia"

    Alot of content is now up on the Nokia website. Worth a look.

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