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Fastforwarding ahead...

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    well shady merv - you must be still celebrating the soccer victory?

    This week is probably a good one to stay away from checking the SP - due an updated Q (according to shady merv) and then the dreaded news confirming T debt repayment deferral with all the barbs and hooks and pain that will surely accompany it.

    One month into the Q and it seems initial, likely to be a quiet one, bar the above - last Q RNI spent $1.219m on exploration and evaluation, $390k on development and $524k on admin and this Q the figures are expected to be 200/150/200 so lean times but enough in the kitty to pay those bills and the tax refund would sustain another Q at the same rate.

    So "logically" cash in very large lumps needs to be secured before the end of this Q - to pay out T, allow ongoing exploration and development, complete refurbishment of the gold plant to ensure commencement of cranking it up by about April so that gold will be produced by end of year as per R "aspirational" statement. Mind you we have heard such statements before too but lets give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is sincere and genuine and that it is absolutely and definitely going to happen...

    Thus Feb is going to be anticlimatic, sombre, unrewarding and downright depressing but March looks like a month of hyperactivity, news (of the good sort) and some indication that this company is back on track?

    what could possibly go wrong????
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