fashionable disaster

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    you wait and wait and wait for help
    a take for granted point of view
    but the world got small
    there was no-one there at all
    but for those that had the same degree as you

    if they help you
    you’ll get stronger as you leave them undermanned
    if you help them
    then they’re on their way to thrones salome fanned
    so some reach up to god to coax salvation
    it sprinkles down at random like the breadcrumbs hansel planned

    lonely while you’re waiting
    your needs are escalating
    someone would you please affirm my plans
    then help is inundation
    in a twist of good relations
    who tie in knots the many different strands

    some may raise their voices
    in exclaim of certain choices
    not to eat
    or eat and still have cake
    fashionable disaster
    should move us all the faster
    to hungers that don’t cause earth to shake
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