Farmers to pay hourly rates

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    Thu 4 Nov 2021 00.09 GMT

    In the biggest shake-up to Australia’s horticulture sector in decades, farmers will now be forced to pay a minimum wage to pickers after the Fair Work Commission ruled in favour of putting a floor in the award.

    Good luck to all those genuine workers, although many of them would have done better on the old scheme. This award will attract parasites the way a turd attracts blow-flies.

    So unless Coles and Woolies increases payments to farmers then they should band together to create shortages. To get a price rise they need to use supply and demand. Reduce supply by planting a lot less and hence employing a lot fewer.
    Call it a produce strike.
    Same thing would happen when they tax revenue and not profits. Then it will be called a capital strike.
    Not too late to plough up your backyards and sow a crop.

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