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FarJoys statement; point 12

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    I have been pondering that IF this is a major discovery then where will it take FAR as the funds required will be substantial to either complete further appraisal  or production wells so will there be a TO or have FAR management got something else they are working towards as the wells are progressed.

    Then, on reflecting the above, re-read the statement placed on HC by FarJoy and I found point 12 rather interesting;

    ' 12. The Netherlands, which is a leading EU crude oil consumer, imports 40% of crude from Russia and only 7% from Africa. I think that it would prefer the reverse, and may be prepared to fund appraisal or production drilling by forward sales, if Senegal proves a lager enough commercial field.'

    Seems to be an interesting statement for our new substantial shareholder to make;

    1. why mention specially the Netherlands as it is my understanding that many EU countries are considered to be over reliant on Russia for their energy requirements.


    2. That the Netherlands 'may be' prepared to fund appraisal or production wells; could this mean that The Netherlands have already indicated that they are willing to do just that to the FAR management??

    We can be assured that FarJoy is reasonably close to the FAR management and so is this an indication of direction the FAR managements plans to fund future wells IF Senegal proves to be a success.

    All comments would be welcome as I find the above interesting.

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